1 - The Association is non profit-making and only intends to pursue the following objectives:

- the organisation of the GAAS, normally with an annual frequency in a country of the EU;

- the organisation and management of courses, seminars, conferences and scientific meetings;

- the creation, design, production, publication and circulation of informative and educational material both in Italy and abroad;

- the participation in the initiatives of the EU concerning further education and research;

- the awarding of scholarships and study prizes for carrying out programmes of research and technological development.

The Association will be able to acquire instrumentation, furniture and materials, that may and may not be subject to inventory, to carry out research and study, as well as set up premises suitable for this purpose.

2 - The Association has no commercial or, in any case, speculative or profit-making aim, and cannot carry out activities other than those indicated at point 1 of this article, except those directly connected with them or those accessory in nature to the statutory ones, inasmuch as they integrate them; it will occasionally be able to effect operations of an economic nature if these will serve to better reach the purpose of the Association.