By this private deed

-Dr. Giuliano Gatti, born in Milan, Italy, on 27/6/54, resident in Wassenaar (Holland), Baljuw Street 11 Italian citizen, fiscal code 194477279 (Netherlands), GTTGLN 54H27F 205R (Italy)

- Prof. Franco Giannini, born in Galatina (Le), Italy, on 9.11.44, resident in Rome, in via Latina 407, Professor of the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italian citizen, fiscal code: GNNFNC44S09D862Y

-Prof. Hans Ludwig Hartnagel, born in Geldern (Germany), 9th January 34, resident in Ernsthofen, Germany, An der Ziegelhutte 1,

Professor of the University of Darmstadt, Germany, German citizen, fiscal Code 00701422985.

-Prof. Vito Antonio Monaco, born, in Brindisi (Italy), on 26/9/32, resident in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) Via Don Minzoni 140, Professor of the University of Bologna, Italian citizen, fiscal code: MNCVNT 32P26 B180F

-Prof. Carlo Naldi, born in Turin, Italy, on 23,10,39, resident in Villarbasse ( To) , via de Platani 6/11, Professor of the Turin Politechnic, Italian citizen, fiscal code NLDCRL39R23L219A

-Prof. Christian Rumelhard, born in Argenteuil (France),on 2.7.39, resident in Chatenay Malabry, via Rene' Louis La Pforgue,2, France, French citizen, fiscal code:970792102203


1) Among the gentlemen present a cultural scientific non profit-making Association is established under the name "GALLIUM ARSENIDE APPLICATION SYMPOSIUM", "GAAS" for short, with its temporary Head Office at present in Bologna, in viale Risorgimento no. 2, at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informatica e Sistemistica (or DEIS) of the Univeristy of Bologna.

2) The Association is non profit-making and pursues the following aims:

- the organisation of the GAAS normally with an annual frequency in a country of the E.U.;

- the organisation and management of courses, seminars, conferences and scientific meetings;

- the creation, design, production, publication and circulation of informative and educational material both in Italy and abroad;

- the participation in the initiatives of the UE. concerning further education and research;

- the granting of scholarships and study prizes for carrying out programmes of research and technological development.

The Association will be able to acquire instrumentation, furniture and materials that may or not be subject to inventory, to carry out research and study, as well as set up premises suitable for this purpose.

The Association has no commercial or, in any case, speculative or profit-making purpose, and cannot carry out activities other than those indicated above, except for those directly connected with them or those accessory to the statutory ones in nature, inasmuch as they integrate them; it will occasionally be able to effect operations of an economic kind if this will serve to better reach the aims of the association.

3) The Association will last for an indefinite period.

4) The Association is ruled by both the laws regulating associations and by the regulations present in this deed of corporation and in the Statute, made up of 19 (nineteen) articles, the text of which is attached under the letter "A" to this deed, to form an integral and substantial part of it, by the Founder Members present, after reading and undersigning it.

In every case, any kind of profit-making or commercial aim is excluded from the range of activities carried out by the Association.

5) The following are bodies of the Association:

- the General Assembly of the Members;

- the Council;

- the President of the Council;

- the Executive Committee (if nominated);

- the Secretary/Treasurer.

The Council is responsible for administration, while the President, or the Vice President substituting him, represents the Association.

6) The following people are nominated to make up the first Council which will remain in office until the meeting of the General Assembly, and in any case not after the first General Assembly.

President: Prof. Vito Antonio Monaco;

Councillors: Dr. Giuliano Gatti, Prof. Franco Giannini, Prof. Hans Hartnagel, Prof. Vito Antonio Monaco, Prof. Carlo Naldi, Prof. C. Rumelhard,

7) The initial assets of the Association consist of Lit. 2,000,000 (two million), (1,000 ECU), paid in cash by the Founder Members.

8) All the expenses and taxes connected with and depending on this deed are to be charged to the Association "GAAS".

This deed is read and approved in every part by the following people who undersign it:

Giuliano Gatti_________________________________________

Franco Giannini _______________________________________

Hans L. Hartnagel______________________________________

Vito A. Monaco________________________________________

Carlo Naldi___________________________________________

Christian Rumelhard  ___________________________________